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Chris Brown Gets 5 Years Probation

rihanna-chris-brownBrown was sentenced today for beating formal girlfriend Rihanna.  The verdict, “five years probation and to spend more than 1,400 hours in “labor-oriented service.”   If Brown violates his probation, he could be sent to prison.  So what are his terms of probation? Here is the scoop:

He is subjected to search and seizure at any time.  He is not allowed to own any  weapons and has 24 hours to turn over any weapons he may own now.

Every 3 months he has to check in with the court (in Richmond, VA)

Brown mush provide DNA samples on request and perform 180 days of “community labor.”

He will need to get approval before leaving the country and cannot “harass, assault, threaten or molest” Rihanna in any way.

So now time will tell if Brown has learned his lesson.  Hopefully he realizes beating a woman is not the answer.  I don’t understand how any one could do something like that, but people have done much worse than him, and will unfortunately continue to do so.

I personally wish more was done, but I didn’t really expect much either.  At least he IS being punished.  The judge seems to be pretty strict with his probation and says she will be on the look out of reports that they are talking.  Soon enough we will find out the next chapter of these pop singers saga, hopefully for Rihanna it won’t be another beating, and the two have really called in peace between them.

So now I ask you, What’s Your 2 Cents?

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Jackson’s Death Ruled a Homicide

CORRECTION APTOPIX People Michael JacksonWell its “preliminarily” official, the Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson’s death a homicide.  According to the AP, ‘Forensic tests found the powerful anesthetic propofol acted together with at least two sedatives to cause Jackson’s death June 25.”

What I find more interesting is according to MSNBC.com:

A designation of homicide means that Jackson died at the hands of another, but does not necessarily mean a crime was committed.

So what does that mean?  Someone killed Jackson, but it might not be a crime? This makes no sense to me.  Another thing I don’t understand is, this is just a preliminary conclusion.  CNN found, “The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office told CNN they had “no comment” on the report. An LAPD spokesman says the story did not come from their department.

I would like to know who is giving out this information then.  Is this all just a story of someone running off their mouth to create headlines?  Who knows, but all I do know is it worked.

So now I ask you, What’s Your 2 Cents?

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Cash For Clunkers Is Coming To An End, What’s the Verdict?

dumpster-dive copyIt sounds like a great idea.  Bring in your crappy car and we will give you money towards a new one.  Well sometimes great ideas aren’t so great, and sometimes they are.  The Cash for Clunkers program (which by the way, I love the name very catchy) officially ends this Monday at 8pm EDT.  The original ending date for the program was going to be Labor Day.

So why the early ending? According to the AP,

the administration needed to put a halt to the program to avoid surpassing the $3 billion funding level. Consumers were on pace to exhaust the program’s coffers in early September and dealers have complained about long delays in getting reimbursed for the car incentives.

It seems the program, though running out of money, has had a positive impact in the auto industry.

the program provided at least a temporary jolt for automakers. GM announced plans to rehire more than 1,300 workers and automakers have been paying overtime to boost production. Hyundai recalled 3,000 workers in Alabama.

“At a time of great economic distress, cash for clunkers has stimulated increased production by domestic automakers, putting thousands of idled workers back on the job,” said Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich.

All in all I am glad this program came about, and hopefully this “jolt” will continue.  American auto workers have been hurt hard by the quivering economy.  I am originally from Dayton, OH and we are a GM town.  My dad and many parents of fellow classmates worked in the GM factory.  Now, because of GM going broke all hell is breaking lose.  People’s health insurance is being taken away (retired people included) and too many other things to count.

Hopefully this program does what it set out to do and we will see the great effects in due time.  But I’m still afraid I’m living in a sunshine and rainbows never never land.  Hopefully time will prove me wrong.

So now I ask you, What’s Your 2 Cents?

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What Is All The Fuss With Michelle Obama’s Shorts?

michelle-obama-shortsSo today, like every week day I go searching the internet for hot topics.  Today we tackle Michelle Obama’s short length?!?!  Why is this even news?  Someone please oh PLEASE tell me.  Is there nothing else to talk about like I don’t know, the health care plan (which effects us all right?) Or what is going on in Afghanistan.  I mean a lot of people’s family members are there and its getting pretty hot there with the election tomorrow.  But no, its Michelle’s shorts that is getting attention!

I mean lets be real here.  The lady took a vacation with her family to the Grand Canyon.  Which for those of you who don’t know is in Arizona!  Do you know how hot it is there this time of year?  Over 100 degrees I’m guessing, and on a good day.  Newsweek seems to be asking the same question as I am, “who is exactly mad?”  They had this to say in their article:

According to the Today show, “some” are calling her fashion choice inappropriatebut the article quotes only those who support the look or, in the case of Washington Post fashion writer Robin Gihven, those who are “ambivalent” about bare legs for an August hiking trip in Arizona.

Now when Michelle Obama starts looking like this on her summer vactions to Arizona, then I’ll get on the band wagon on what was she thinking.

shorts-large Until then, I ask you What’s Your 2 Cents?

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Brett Favre…Back in the NFL; This Is A Joke Right?

Favre Sportsman Award FootballOk, if you read my post on Vicks, you know I know nothing about football. But I do know Brett Favre was one of the best quarter backs we have seen, and played with Green Bay for a long time. I also know I (as most girls my age) had a huge crush on Favre during my high school days.

I think he was a great athlete, great man and a great leader. I saw the game he played the day or day after his dad passed away. I thought it was great he put aside his own personal problems and was there for his team. I also think however, someone should know when enough is enough.

I didn’t plan on writing about this today, but I went onto google to see the news for the day and I saw this blog, “Brett Favre Announces Comeback With Vikings; Is Now Officially The Heidi & Spencer Of Sports Gossip”  I immediatly go to msn.com to see if this blog has any idea of what is going on.

I unfortunately find this, “Favre has deal with Vikings, in pads at practice”  Then onto Yahoo! ” What retirement? Favre coming back with Vickings”  I just want to find Favre and ask, “why are you beating a dead horse?”  I know it is something he loves, and its hard to give up.  But who wants to bee known as the guy who can’t figure out his career is over.  He has this to say about the comeback,

“I felt I did everything I possibly could do to get where I need to be,” Favre said Tuesday. “You’re 39, your arm may not feel like it did at 21. But the pieces are in place that you don’t have to do that much and I agree with that.

“If they were willing to take that chance, I was, too.”

Maybe I’m reading this wrong but is he saying, he doesn’t have to do that much? I thought the QB was kind of the main part of the offense.  But what do I know?

So now I ask you, What’s Your 2 Cents?

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Health Care Public Option…Might Not Be An Option

healthcare-supportersIn what seems to be a never ending debate about our health care reform, there seems to be a new twist.  It is reported there might not be a public option on the bill.  So what does this mean?  Basically this:

Instead of a new government plan, we may wind up seeing private, non-profit insurance co-operatives that are owned by their members. This idea does have the ring of compromise — it could provide competition for private insurers, as many Democrats want, without creating a new government insurance program, which many Republicans oppose.

Now it may be my naivete but, if there isn’t a public option then why have the bill?  It seems to me this issue is far from being resolved.  Every day things seem to change.  First its a government health plan brought to the public, now there might not even be a public option? Seems a little to fishy for me.  Though I am a fan of anything that won’t put the private insurers out of the game, and developing a non-profit insurance co-cops seems pretty cool to me as well.

Howard Dean, former Democratic Party chairman has this to say about the public option debate, “You can’t have reform without a public option,” said Dean. “If you really want to fix the health-care system, you’ve got to give the public the choice of having such an option.”

I totally agree with this quote from Dean.  In my perfect world there would be healthcare available for those who cannont afford it, as well as options for people who would rather go with the big dogs like Anthem.  I also am liking this non-profit insurance companies.  They might be around now, but this is new to me.  So until I am convinced we can help those who can’t afford health care as well as having other options available I am going to be pretty hessitant on this issue.

So, What’s Your 2 Cents? Continue reading

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Michael Vick: Should He Play or Should He Go?

VickSo I’m not going to lie and act like I know a thing about football because I don’t .  I watch football on Thanksgiving and watch the Superbowl.  I’ll even watch the Ohio State Vs. Michigan game (Go Buckeyes!) but that is about it.  I moved to San Diego a few years ago and I didn’t even know the Chargers were a football team.

With that said, when something becomes big in the news, I tend to listen.  Mostly because its in your face for at least a few days.  So of course I have heard about Vick getting signed to the Eagles.  My first reaction was who is he? Sorry but again, I’m not a huge football fan.  So since I’m doing this blog, I thought I would do a little research and see what people think about this heated subject.

So a quick run down for the people who are just as football “special” as me, Vick was charged with dogfighting charges in 2007.  He was found guilty and spent almost two years in prison.  Well after reading up a bit more I realized in 2007, the Eagles owner had this to say about the conviction:

Jeffrey Lurie said that he’d “never” allow someone who was involved in dogfighting to play for the Eagles.”We’re very disciplined in what we stand for,” Lurie told reporters just over two years ago   “Let me give you an example — a few years ago we had a couple players who were . . . to put this nicely, not very respectful of their dogs. . . .  Well, we don’t respect that.  We don’t do that.  And they were gone from the team almost immediately if not immediately.  That sets a tone, that these kinds of attitudes are unacceptable.”

So now I wonder, “why did he change his mind?”  I am a dog lover, and I wouldn’t want to be around somone like that.  Especially with the economy the way it is why should someone who has been in prison, come out and get a huge paycheck?? Are the Eagles that desperate to have anyone on their team? I don’t know.

But then I think about all the NFL players who go out and get DUI’s and party hard.  People aren’t perfect, and he isn’t the only person in the NFL with a shady past.  I don’t agree with what he has done, or that he has “changed his ways” I feel he is just getting his stuff in order to get his job back.

So now I ask you “What’s your 2 cents?”

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New Health Care Reform Plan…Good or Bad Idea??

health care flow chartAlong with the Michael Jackson saga this summer, the new health care reform has been a hot topic.  Quoting barackobama.com the new health care plan will, “Making sure every American has access to high quality health care is one of the most important challenges of our time. The number of uninsured Americans is growing, premiums are skyrocketing, and more people are being denied coverage every day. A moral imperative by any measure, a better system is also essential to rebuilding our economy — we want to make health insurance work for people and businesses, not just insurance and drug companies.

My first thoughts were, “sounds good on paper.”  There are a lot of people who need health care so why not help them?  And if you like your current health care provider you can stay with them.  So everyone is happy and all is well in the world right? WRONG.  There are so many provisions and facts we aren’t hearing about, the whole nation is up in arms about it.  Take a look at the flow chart, easy to read right? Not confusing at all!

According to Rasmussen Reports the proposed health care plan is at an all time low approval rate of 42%.  The town hall meetings which are meant for educating us, are being confronted by angry mobs of people.  My opinion at the beginning of this whole escapade was if I can keep the insurance I like, and if uninsured people can get help then why not go for it!

Now I have realized even though we can keep the health care providers we already have, they could go out of business because of the competition of the government health plan.  Who could compete with anyone if someone is giving out the same thing for free?  I think there needs to be a lot more re-planning before anything can be changed.  I’m still learning about this issue, as we all are, but come on, this is a REALLY bad joke right?

So now I ask you, is the new health care plan a good or bad idea?

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Michael Jackson, Have We had Enough Yet?

On June 25, 2009 singer/entertainer Michael Jackson died of a heart attack.  The world was stunned for the sudden loss of this great entertainer.  Immediately, fans poured their appreciation for Jackson in many ways.  Hundreds if not thousands came outside to the hospital Jackson was rushed to in LA. The Apollo Theater in Harlem also had a big crowd of fans.

Since his death, many of us have wondered questions such as: what will happen to his children, and his estate.  But as of today, August 12, 2009 almost 2 months from the day he died, he is still headline news.  I feel enough is a enough.  I am sick and tired of turning on CNN and other news channels and instead of learning about things going on in our nation or world, its all about Jackson.

Yesterday I decided to go to a few websites and see if Jackson had at least one story on their home page.  The links below, are proof I indeed found such stories.

CNN: Police search Las Vegas pharmacy in Jackson case

USA Today: Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ movie due out Oct. 30

MSN: No final word yet on Michael Jackson burial

Rolling Stone: Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Sealed During Investigation

MSNBC: Will Jackson siblings, trainer, go dancing?

I know Jackson was a living icon, and he died suddenly, but yes I have had enough.  I want our media to stop reporting everything Jackson.  Why should we care about if Jackson’s siblings go on dancing with the stars, when there are more important things to report going on in the nation, and world.


So now I ask you, “Have you had enough yet?”

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