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Michael Jackson, Have We had Enough Yet?

On June 25, 2009 singer/entertainer Michael Jackson died of a heart attack.  The world was stunned for the sudden loss of this great entertainer.  Immediately, fans poured their appreciation for Jackson in many ways.  Hundreds if not thousands came outside to the hospital Jackson was rushed to in LA. The Apollo Theater in Harlem also had a big crowd of fans.

Since his death, many of us have wondered questions such as: what will happen to his children, and his estate.  But as of today, August 12, 2009 almost 2 months from the day he died, he is still headline news.  I feel enough is a enough.  I am sick and tired of turning on CNN and other news channels and instead of learning about things going on in our nation or world, its all about Jackson.

Yesterday I decided to go to a few websites and see if Jackson had at least one story on their home page.  The links below, are proof I indeed found such stories.

CNN: Police search Las Vegas pharmacy in Jackson case

USA Today: Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ movie due out Oct. 30

MSN: No final word yet on Michael Jackson burial

Rolling Stone: Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Sealed During Investigation

MSNBC: Will Jackson siblings, trainer, go dancing?

I know Jackson was a living icon, and he died suddenly, but yes I have had enough.  I want our media to stop reporting everything Jackson.  Why should we care about if Jackson’s siblings go on dancing with the stars, when there are more important things to report going on in the nation, and world.


So now I ask you, “Have you had enough yet?”

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