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New Health Care Reform Plan…Good or Bad Idea??

health care flow chartAlong with the Michael Jackson saga this summer, the new health care reform has been a hot topic.  Quoting barackobama.com the new health care plan will, “Making sure every American has access to high quality health care is one of the most important challenges of our time. The number of uninsured Americans is growing, premiums are skyrocketing, and more people are being denied coverage every day. A moral imperative by any measure, a better system is also essential to rebuilding our economy — we want to make health insurance work for people and businesses, not just insurance and drug companies.

My first thoughts were, “sounds good on paper.”  There are a lot of people who need health care so why not help them?  And if you like your current health care provider you can stay with them.  So everyone is happy and all is well in the world right? WRONG.  There are so many provisions and facts we aren’t hearing about, the whole nation is up in arms about it.  Take a look at the flow chart, easy to read right? Not confusing at all!

According to Rasmussen Reports the proposed health care plan is at an all time low approval rate of 42%.  The town hall meetings which are meant for educating us, are being confronted by angry mobs of people.  My opinion at the beginning of this whole escapade was if I can keep the insurance I like, and if uninsured people can get help then why not go for it!

Now I have realized even though we can keep the health care providers we already have, they could go out of business because of the competition of the government health plan.  Who could compete with anyone if someone is giving out the same thing for free?  I think there needs to be a lot more re-planning before anything can be changed.  I’m still learning about this issue, as we all are, but come on, this is a REALLY bad joke right?

So now I ask you, is the new health care plan a good or bad idea?


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