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Michael Vick: Should He Play or Should He Go?

VickSo I’m not going to lie and act like I know a thing about football because I don’t .  I watch football on Thanksgiving and watch the Superbowl.  I’ll even watch the Ohio State Vs. Michigan game (Go Buckeyes!) but that is about it.  I moved to San Diego a few years ago and I didn’t even know the Chargers were a football team.

With that said, when something becomes big in the news, I tend to listen.  Mostly because its in your face for at least a few days.  So of course I have heard about Vick getting signed to the Eagles.  My first reaction was who is he? Sorry but again, I’m not a huge football fan.  So since I’m doing this blog, I thought I would do a little research and see what people think about this heated subject.

So a quick run down for the people who are just as football “special” as me, Vick was charged with dogfighting charges in 2007.  He was found guilty and spent almost two years in prison.  Well after reading up a bit more I realized in 2007, the Eagles owner had this to say about the conviction:

Jeffrey Lurie said that he’d “never” allow someone who was involved in dogfighting to play for the Eagles.”We’re very disciplined in what we stand for,” Lurie told reporters just over two years ago   “Let me give you an example — a few years ago we had a couple players who were . . . to put this nicely, not very respectful of their dogs. . . .  Well, we don’t respect that.  We don’t do that.  And they were gone from the team almost immediately if not immediately.  That sets a tone, that these kinds of attitudes are unacceptable.”

So now I wonder, “why did he change his mind?”  I am a dog lover, and I wouldn’t want to be around somone like that.  Especially with the economy the way it is why should someone who has been in prison, come out and get a huge paycheck?? Are the Eagles that desperate to have anyone on their team? I don’t know.

But then I think about all the NFL players who go out and get DUI’s and party hard.  People aren’t perfect, and he isn’t the only person in the NFL with a shady past.  I don’t agree with what he has done, or that he has “changed his ways” I feel he is just getting his stuff in order to get his job back.

So now I ask you “What’s your 2 cents?”


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