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Health Care Public Option…Might Not Be An Option

healthcare-supportersIn what seems to be a never ending debate about our health care reform, there seems to be a new twist.  It is reported there might not be a public option on the bill.  So what does this mean?  Basically this:

Instead of a new government plan, we may wind up seeing private, non-profit insurance co-operatives that are owned by their members. This idea does have the ring of compromise — it could provide competition for private insurers, as many Democrats want, without creating a new government insurance program, which many Republicans oppose.

Now it may be my naivete but, if there isn’t a public option then why have the bill?  It seems to me this issue is far from being resolved.  Every day things seem to change.  First its a government health plan brought to the public, now there might not even be a public option? Seems a little to fishy for me.  Though I am a fan of anything that won’t put the private insurers out of the game, and developing a non-profit insurance co-cops seems pretty cool to me as well.

Howard Dean, former Democratic Party chairman has this to say about the public option debate, “You can’t have reform without a public option,” said Dean. “If you really want to fix the health-care system, you’ve got to give the public the choice of having such an option.”

I totally agree with this quote from Dean.  In my perfect world there would be healthcare available for those who cannont afford it, as well as options for people who would rather go with the big dogs like Anthem.  I also am liking this non-profit insurance companies.  They might be around now, but this is new to me.  So until I am convinced we can help those who can’t afford health care as well as having other options available I am going to be pretty hessitant on this issue.

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