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Brett Favre…Back in the NFL; This Is A Joke Right?

Favre Sportsman Award FootballOk, if you read my post on Vicks, you know I know nothing about football. But I do know Brett Favre was one of the best quarter backs we have seen, and played with Green Bay for a long time. I also know I (as most girls my age) had a huge crush on Favre during my high school days.

I think he was a great athlete, great man and a great leader. I saw the game he played the day or day after his dad passed away. I thought it was great he put aside his own personal problems and was there for his team. I also think however, someone should know when enough is enough.

I didn’t plan on writing about this today, but I went onto google to see the news for the day and I saw this blog, “Brett Favre Announces Comeback With Vikings; Is Now Officially The Heidi & Spencer Of Sports Gossip”  I immediatly go to msn.com to see if this blog has any idea of what is going on.

I unfortunately find this, “Favre has deal with Vikings, in pads at practice”  Then onto Yahoo! ” What retirement? Favre coming back with Vickings”  I just want to find Favre and ask, “why are you beating a dead horse?”  I know it is something he loves, and its hard to give up.  But who wants to bee known as the guy who can’t figure out his career is over.  He has this to say about the comeback,

“I felt I did everything I possibly could do to get where I need to be,” Favre said Tuesday. “You’re 39, your arm may not feel like it did at 21. But the pieces are in place that you don’t have to do that much and I agree with that.

“If they were willing to take that chance, I was, too.”

Maybe I’m reading this wrong but is he saying, he doesn’t have to do that much? I thought the QB was kind of the main part of the offense.  But what do I know?

So now I ask you, What’s Your 2 Cents?


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