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Sorry For The Hiatus

For the few people who actually followed my little blog that lasted a minute. I will be starting up again, and this time it will be more thought out. I am going to ask a question everyday about something going on in the world. I will put my “2 cents in” and will ask you to do the same.

I think it will be fun to see all the views of you out there. And see who disagrees with what I will have to say as well as agree!

Stay tuned, I’ll be up and running next week!


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Serving and Social Media Part deux

waitress2Social Media can be the ,” interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and “building” of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences.

Being a server I feel the same concept applies.  If you have a different meaning of what your table thinks a good server is, you probably won’t get a good tip.  If you have a different view on  a certain subject, you could get a nasty comment on your blog, or Reddit post.

If you tell your table your favorite dish on the menu, and say its a chicken dish and they hate chicken (who hates chicken I don’t know) they will ignore your suggestion.  The same goes with your blog.  If you write about something no one cares about, they might read it once or twice, but that is it.  No one will care what you write, if you write about nothing important.

This is where as a server, or a social media specialist you have to think long and hard on what people want to hear and what they need.  If you know your restaurant is known for their shrimp dish, and you HATE shrimp you have to know how to sell it.  Same goes in social media.  You might not like what a client specializes in, but you have to know how to find the right niche to get their attention.

And this is where I am stuck in my new role in social media.  I am still in the stage of getting the right “friends” on Digg and other websites.  Once I can get a good network of friends and people who will not only Digg my submissions, but go to the websites as well I will be able to actually feel more accomplished.  Until then I will have to understand everything new takes time, and keep chugging along.

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Serving and Social Media


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a girl who has a public relations degree and for the past 4 years have been perusing a job in the communications field.  I am originally from Ohio and moved to San Diego 2 years ago to find a PR job.

While looking for a job I have been working as a waitress to pay the bills.  It’s fast easy money and I leave every shift with money in my pocket which is very nice.  I recently have discovered social media and am learning new things everyday about it.  I am a newbie to the scene and am toughing through the waters to figure out how things work in the social media world.

I am finding out more and more that the different types of people I serve have same characteristics of people in the social media world.  Here are a couple of the comparison’s I have noticed:

The Needy People: These types of people ask for something every time you see them.  As a server, you can go to the table see how everything is going and that person will ask for say an extra napkin.  So you go and get the napkin and go right back to the table.  When you give the napkin they then ask you for something else like a refill on their drink.  No problem go and get a new soda and low and behold someone else at the table needs something.  This goes on and on their entire visit.   In the social media world these are the people who send you 10 shouts an hour on Digg but never digg your submissions.  They beg and beg for a Digg but they don’t share the love.

The My Opinion Is Always The Best People: One question every server asks their table is, “how is everything?”  Most people say everything is great, or if something isn’t right they let you know.  Then there are the people who say things like how they make the same dish at home and that we didn’t make it right.  Or if something takes longer to cook at the restaurant than when they make it at home.  Or they tried the same dish at a different restaurant and this isn’t like theirs.  Of course its not going to be, everyone makes dishes different and you shouldn’t expect it to be exactly the same.  The same goes for the people who comment on a blog, or article you submit to Digg or Reddit.  They feel they are the authority on whatever subject and you are in the wrong.  I’ll take any comments I can get, but I don’t understand how some people feel they are so much better than you.  But you will run into these types of people throughout life and you can’t avoid it.

Although these are both negative comparisons there are also positive ones as well.  The main being selling yourself and making great relationships.  If you are nice and present yourself in a positive manner, read people to see how their personality is and help them when they need it you will be helped in return.  As a server the help is an awesome tip.  In social media its a returned Digg, vote up on Reddit, a Stumble or if your really lucky all three.

Hopefully I will be able to master the social media world soon and not have to serve tables.  Until then I will have to juggle both worlds and try and use my knowledge in one with the other one!

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The Onion Brings A Much Needed Break

the_onionIn a time when our Nation’s economy is horrible, we are at war and the unemployment rate is getting higher and higher by the day, I have found reading stories on the Onion makes my day a little bit better.

Instead of reading depressing stories, these stories (although untrue) are very entertaining and just makes your day a little brighter.  Two stories I enjoyed today were, “Rise In Rent Forces Local Taco Bell To Take On Roommate,” and “Mars Rover Beginning To Hate Mars.”

Hopefully these stories will brighten your day as it did mine.

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May The Force Be With The TV Series

starwarsldmenuI have been perusing the Internet today and found out George Lucas is now making a live-action TV series that would take place in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.  Now after reading many different blogs about this subject, I have become very upset by the news.

I grew up on the original trilogy, and found the second trilogy to be ok.  I could have done with out the over the top special effects and been more happy on focusing on the story line.  ANYWAY the news of a TV show at first got me giddy like a school girl.

Upon reading more about the actual content of the TV series I have now decided it may not be as good as it sounds.  The show will be taking place between the time when the newer trilogy ended and when the old trilogy picks back up.  Now this time is also known as the “dark times” in  Star Wars land.  Now to me I would like to see the characters we have grown to love in the series.  See how they all are treated, hiding out so on and so forth.  But oh wait, they won’t be in the show!

Who cares about new characters when the TV show is based off of the Star Wars movies we all love so much.  And further more why  not make the show based after Return of The Jedi???  I don’t know what will come of the series, and maybe I will eat my own words and love the show.  I guess only time will tell.

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Rihanna Get a Clue, Even Oprah Is Telling You

rihannaOK, so I have been trying to ignore the whole Rihanna, Chris Brown debacle. I mean when push comes to shove, it is their business and because they are famous the whole world is putting in their two cents. But today I have noticed even Oprah is making a plea for Rihanna to break ties with Chris Brown.

Oprah said on her show Friday, “Chris Brown and Rihanna, if I was your friend, I would call you up and I would say, ‘Give it some time, get yourself some counseling, take care of yourself, heal yourself first.”

We have all seen the pictures, and the police statement about the attack. I personally feel bad for Rihanna or any woman for that matter who gets the crap beat out of her, but she is making the decision to go back to him. Honestly, its not all that surprising. Most women who have been physically abused by their man go back to them.

Let’s just hope with all the publicity spinning around this subject something sinks in Rihanna’s head and she will cut ties with Brown. Only time will really tell but no one deserves what happened to her.

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Economy Vs. Octomom


I have been racking my brain over the past few days on what to do with this blog.  I need to find a topic and stick with it.  The problem on hand is I can’t pick a topic.  So for the past month I have been rambling on and on about different topics in hope of finding something I enjoy writing as much as people enjoy reading.

When I write about Octomom and how ridiculous she is I have high traffic, when I write about something like the economy, which in my opinion is a more relevant topic to write about, I have the lowest views to date.

Do I write about relevant and important issues and risk the little bit of exposure to my blog I have received with the Octomom stories?  Or do I write about some stupid lady who will be yesterday’s news and wait for the next pop culture sensation to come about?

I guess I just have to make a decision and stop being so indecisive.  If any of you more experience bloggers out there have any advice on how you developed your blog please send me some advice.  It will be much appreciated.

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Octomom + $1 Million Porn Offer = When Will She Go Away?

octo-mom-2I wrote last week about how sick and tired I am of hearing about Nadya Suleman  also known as” Octomom.”  Yet somehow I am  intrigued by the amount of publicity she is still getting.  The latest is her $1 million porn offer from Vivid Entertainment.

I also have found out she “let an offer for free, 24-hour nursing care by a nonprofit group lapse.”  What will be next?? Who knows but I guess I will be waiting just like the rest of America.  I can hate the stupid decisions she has made as much as I want to, hate how she was allowed to get the government assistance to have 14 children but at the end of the day it is interesting ever changing story.

Especially when we are living in a time where our economy is shot to hell, and the unemployment rate as a result is hitting record highs.  Everyone needs a time to get away from the reality of life.  Whether it is reading gossip columns, listening to music or hanging out with friends.

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U.S. Economy…When Will You Get Better?

uncle-sam-bruised-economyYou here about it everywhere: news, magazines, co-workers everyone is talking about how horrible the economy is right now.

Last night President Obama,” told the American people that the “day of reckoning” has arrived for the nation’s economy, which he pledged to not just fix but make stronger than it was before the current crisis.

I hope President Obama is right, I am just wondering how long it will take.  I  understand Rome was not built in a day, nor will our economy.  We are all in panic mode at the moment and I just want things to get better now.

Even with all this panic people are still finding time to go and spend money.  So hopefully all this spending will some how boost the economy and President Obama will do his part and by next year all this panic and trauma will be a memory.  I just hope the banks and everyone else has learned their lessons.

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Viral Marketing. Whats The Next Step?

Yesterday I wrote a blog entitled, ” Who Else Is Sick Of  The Octuplets Mom?”  Until yesterday the most views I have had on my modest blog was a little over 50.  Which lets face it sucks.  If you have read any of my other blog posts (and lets be honest you probably haven’t) I am new to blogging and have no idea what I am doing.

Now the difference between yesterdays post and the rest of my others is, I went viral.  Now to all you Internet savvy people and bloggers who do this everyday I understand its not that big of a deal, but for me it is.  So now I am faced with the mighty question any writer faces when seeing any sort of success, “how can I top that story?”

SO IF I HAVEN’T LOST YOUR INTEREST YET here is where my new post for today will really begin.

When Did People Start Celebrating National Pancake Day??

Maybe I have been living under a rock for the past 25 years, but I have never heard of National Pancake Day.  Now IHOP is giving away free pancakes all day in celebration of this holiday.  After researching this day a little more I have found out this day is also known as Shrove Tuesday, or better known to us in the U.S. Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras).

Most of us know the story behind Mardis Gras and how this is the last day to get your sins out before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.  So go eat a bunch of pancakes and hopefully they will help soak up all the alcohol you ingest tonight.  And with the economy the way it is you can use the money  you would have spent on the pancakes on the booze you buy tonight.

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